Nice theme !

I was searching an actual theme, with both style (design) and features within, and i must say this theme simply seduced me from the first time.
Easy to take in hand, it has already build-in features which really make the settings of the basics easier, and has an elegant line of its design, which is surely helping to grant a professional aspect for any website.

The slider of the frontpage is efficient and large, and the different areas of contents are logic and well-thought. I’m working actually on this theme for my boss, trying to adapt it in order to replace the old website template. I just regret that you have to go for the pro version to replace color of the menu, or change the fonts, and a few other basic modifications like these. But maybe it would be a few changes in next updates, as far as i hear from the support, which is by the way very helpful, reactive and very kind. Thumbs up for them ! Cheers.

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